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The Task Master IV is a 316 Stainless Steel 1½ inch, five cycle, water softener control valve.

The Task Master IV is better by DESIGN.

The Task Master IV has fewer PARTS.

The Task Master IV is easier to SERVICE

The Task Master IV has excellent QUALITY CONTROL

  • A reliable, widely applicable industrial quality valve.
  • Mechanical simplicity. One moving part - the piston.
  • Modern Electronics. There are no electro-mechanical relays, cams or microswitches.
  • Optical sensor – drive shaft on motor – drive link – piston allow optical positioning of valve. No micoswitches. No wear parts in controls. No calibration of valve position.
  • Backwash flow controls are interchangable and attach directly to valve.
  • Internal brine educutor installed inside of valve. 
  • NEMA 4 control box / enclosure on the valve. NEMA 4 flexible plastic conduit. You can squirt it with a water hose.
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • All metal contact parts are 316 Austententic Passivated SS.
  • Tank adaptor is also 316 Austententic Passivated SS.
  • Zero lead. Stainless steel contains no lead.
  • Gaskets are EDPM.
  • Plastic end caps are Noryl.
  • No brass fittings.
  • Broad broad application. Very broad range of systems use exactly the same valve and control system.

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Attributes of the Task Master IV.

  • The Task Master III is a 316 Stainless Steel 1½ inch, five cycle, water softener control valve.
  • There is only one moving part – the piston.
  • The valve body is 316 SS and the piston is stainless steel with EPDM seals and inserts.
  • The valve has two different tank adaptors allowing top mount on a fiberglass tank or side mount on the face piping on a steel tank.
  • The housing for the brine ejector is cast into the valve body making it an integral part of the valve.
  • The piston is motor driven and is not dependent on water pressure. It shifts smoothly without water hammer. The drive assembly positions the plunger for each of the five cycles.
  • The valve design assures synchronization of the drive assembly with the electronic timer and optical sensors making certain the plunger is correctly positioned for each of the five cycles of softening.
  • Two controllers are available. The ERCt 99-day electronic timer with ability to independently program each cycle time and the ERCd demand regeneration timer with variable reserve.
  • The electrical enclosure carries a NEMA 4 rating.
  • Since brining and process control often must be coordinated with the regeneration cycles of a softener, the valve is designed to provide an on/off signal and dry contacts for external electrical functions.
  • Temperature rating is 180°F.
  • Operating pressure is 125 psi.
  • 71 gpm backwash rate (at 25 psi head loss)


Water King manufactures the valve under a license from Pentair / GE. We own all of the inventory, test equipment, and production lines, which we moved from Pentair’s facility in Rockford, Ill to our shop in Louisiana. Our group has been making valves since summer 2010. We have shipped finished valves to Australia, Japan, and Korea. Our Task Master III is distributed in every state of the US as part of Water King systems or as upgrades to existing systems. The Task Master III is the anchor for the entire line of Water King equipment.

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